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Saanich Community Church is mission in all that we do, who we are, both gathered and in diaspora throughout the week. We participate in various expressions of mission both local and global.
Some local expressions include: maintaining a garden where volunteers grow produce for the needy people of Victoria, donated via the Mustard Seed Food Bank, supporting International Student Ministries at the Univ. of Victoria; as well as various ad hoc opportunities as they arise.
Globally we support missionary families serving via Multiply (aka MB Mission); Mennonite Central Committee; Mennonite Disaster Services; as well as contributing toward our provincial and national conferences and M.B. Biblical Seminary in Langley, BC.

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Who are Mennonites?

On any Sunday you will find Mennonites gathered for worship in about 60 countries around the world. With over one million members, the Mennonite church has been in existence for more than 475 years, expressing their faith in various ways and including a wide variety of people: from a midwest farmer, to a European architect; from an African chieftain, to a South American sociologist. Although they speak dozens of languages, the thousands of different Mennonite congregations count themselves as one family of faith – one of many faith families in the Christian church.

The Mennonite (Anabaptist) faith movement began in Europe in the 16th Century when a small group of believers challenged the reforms of Martin Luther and others during the Protestant Reformation, saying they were not radical enough and calling for adult rather than infant baptism. In 1525, several members set themselves apart from the official church by publicly declaring their faith in Jesus Christ and re-baptizing each other.

Church-state structures did not tolerate these Anabaptists or “Anabaptizers,” meaning re-baptizers. Over the course of two generations, thousands were persecuted. Many met death as martyrs. In order to preserve the movement, the survivors went into hiding. From 1575 to 1850, membership grew primarily when adults passed their faith to their children.

The Canadian Conference of Mennonite Brethren Churches¬†is one of nearly 20 formally organized groups of Mennonites in North America that vary in lifestyle and religious practice but all stem from the Anabaptist movement. Though their streams of faith may differ, Mennonite groups hold common beliefs: Jesus Christ is central to worship and to everyday living. Behavior is to follow Christ’s example. The Bible is considered the inspired word of God. Membership continues to be voluntary, with adult baptism upon declaration of faith.

Mennonites are known for their peace stand, taken because they believe Jesus Christ taught the way of peace. Many members choose not to participate in military service. Some take their belief further by objecting to government military expenditure; a few choose not to pay the percentage of their annual income tax that would go for military purposes.

Mennonites are also known for their strong commitment to community; interest in social issues; voluntary service to those who have experienced hardship and loss in floods, tornadoes and other disasters; and mission outreach.

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