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Facility Rentals

Facility Rentals

To enquire about rentals please email the Office Administrator at (see photos below). Our minimum rental time is 4 hours (with fees quoted below for 4 hour increments).

The sanctuary (upstairs auditorium) is wheelchair accessible, has a grand piano, and seats about 130 in comfortable padded chairs – fee $150 (4 hrs).  The lower hall (level back entry) seats about 75 with folding-tables & chairs available, has a small kitchen with serving counter, washrooms, and a side-nook area – fee $125 (4 hrs).  A small meeting room off the lower hall can seat 15-18 people – fee $60Please note that SCC prefers to not rent the facilities on Saturday evenings. 

Sanctuary / auditorium
Main LOWER HALL (level entry)
Small meeting room


At S.C.C. we strive to reach out to God by making worship an authentic work of the people – inclusive & participatory.

Adherents are involved in the planning and leading of worship services – reading scripture, writing/reading prayers, preparing/serving The Lord’s Supper, playing instruments, involvement in drama, etc.


Saanich Community Church is mission in all that we do, who we are, both gathered and in diaspora throughout the week. We participate in various expressions of mission both local and global.
Some local expressions include: maintaining a garden where volunteers grow produce for the needy people of Victoria, donated via the Mustard Seed Food Bank, supporting International Student Ministries at the Univ. of Victoria; as well as various ad hoc opportunities as they arise.
Globally we support missionary families serving via Multiply (aka MB Mission); Mennonite Central Committee; Mennonite Disaster Services; as well as contributing toward our provincial and national conferences and M.B. Biblical Seminary in Langley, BC.

Mission Agencies:


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Who are Mennonites?

On any Sunday you will find Mennonites gathered for worship in about 60 countries around the world. With over one million members, the Mennonite church has been in existence for more than 475 years, expressing their faith in various ways and including a wide variety of people: from a midwest farmer, to a European architect; from an African chieftain, to a South American sociologist. Although they speak dozens of languages, the thousands of different Mennonite congregations count themselves as one family of faith – one of many faith families in the Christian church.

The Mennonite (Anabaptist) faith movement began in Europe in the 16th Century when a small group of believers challenged the reforms of Martin Luther and others during the Protestant Reformation, saying they were not radical enough and calling for adult rather than infant baptism. In 1525, several members set themselves apart from the official church by publicly declaring their faith in Jesus Christ and re-baptizing each other.

Church-state structures did not tolerate these Anabaptists or “Anabaptizers,” meaning re-baptizers. Over the course of two generations, thousands were persecuted. Many met death as martyrs. In order to preserve the movement, the survivors went into hiding. From 1575 to 1850, membership grew primarily when adults passed their faith to their children.

The Canadian Conference of Mennonite Brethren Churches is one of nearly 20 formally organized groups of Mennonites in North America that vary in lifestyle and religious practice but all stem from the Anabaptist movement. Though their streams of faith may differ, Mennonite groups hold common beliefs: Jesus Christ is central to worship and to everyday living. Behavior is to follow Christ’s example. The Bible is considered the inspired word of God. Membership continues to be voluntary, with adult baptism upon declaration of faith.

Mennonites are known for their peace stand, taken because they believe Jesus Christ taught the way of peace. Many members choose not to participate in military service. Some take their belief further by objecting to government military expenditure; a few choose not to pay the percentage of their annual income tax that would go for military purposes.

Mennonites are also known for their strong commitment to community; interest in social issues; voluntary service to those who have experienced hardship and loss in floods, tornadoes and other disasters; and mission outreach.

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Creation Care



Pastor – Rev. Ken Peters

Ken & Yvonne live in Brentwood Bay, coming from Killarney Park MB Church where he was lead pastor (1995-2010). They have 3 adult children: Aaron, Laura & Rachel. Ken has served and provided leadership on denominational boards in matters of faith & life. Other interests include gardening, canning preserves, cooking and cycling.  Ken has a BRS from C.M.U.; a BA in Religious Studies from U. of Winnipeg; a M.Div. from MBBS in Fresno, CA and a Doctor of Ministry from Carey Theological College, Vancouver.


Office Administrator – Nancy

Part-time:  Thursdays (12-5)

Manages the office, rental bookings, accounts payable/bookkeeping, weekly bulletins, record keeping, and the website calendar updates.
Church office: 250-479-0410
email at


S.C.C. is led by a Ministries Council comprised of our pastor, and volunteers who are discerned and affirmed by the congregation on an annual basis.

  • Moderator
  • Asst. Moderator
  • Treasurer
  • Multicultural Ministry & Outreach
  • Mission Initiatives
  • Worship Ministry
  • Children’s Class
  • Fellowship & Hospitality
  • Facilities & Grounds

Statement of Faith

We are members of the Canadian Conference of Mennonite Brethren Churches, and hold to the  Confession of Faith (link) of that body of believers.   For more information about Mennonites please see our Resources page.


Saanich Community Church exists to worship God with our whole lives, to build one another up as a community of faith, and to engage in God’s mission of good news in the world.
As a congregation, we believe it is vital that we minister out of a common sense of who we are. The following core values shape the missional expression of our purpose [these were adopted by the congregation after an extensive visioning process].

  1. Balance. God calls us to worship, to live as a community of Jesus’ disciples, and to embody and proclaim the gospel. We value integrating these three endeavours, not to prioritising them.
  2. Innovation. Innovation allows us to more effectively bring God’s love into people’s lives. We value finding creative ways to edify one another, worship more authentically, and bring God’s good news to our world.
  3. Anabaptist. We value our Anabaptist/Mennonite roots and we operate out of this tradition. We see the distinctive character of the Anabaptist movement as an important addition to the Victoria Christian Community. In keeping with our tradition we welcome all those who want to seriously commit to following Jesus, regardless of their denominational backgrounds.
  4. Diversity and Unity. Scripture calls us to “maintain the unity of the Spirit in the bond of peace” (Eph. 4.3). We value supporting and encouraging each other in our individual involvements, while still maintaining a strong sense of community. We realize that we need each other. Also, we value balancing the diversity of views within our congregation and working to maintain unity and loving relations in spite of our differences.
  5. People. Saanich Community Church is a group of believers who gather regularly at 4566 West Saanich Road, Victoria, BC. Saanich Community Church is not contained within a building but exists wherever its people are found. We value the church gathered on Sunday morning, and we value the church scattered all over greater Victoria and beyond.
  6. Equipping. We value teaching our people the story of God’s good news and equipping them to live as Christians wherever God has sent them.
  7. Partnership. We value enhancing our effectiveness by building partnerships with other groups who share complementary purposes.

Contact Us

4566 West Saanich Road, Victoria, BC V8Z 3G4
Phone: 250-479-0410  

part-time:  Thursdays 12-5pm

PASTOR: Ken Peters
(office: Monday-Thursday)